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NDL Portfolio of Works in progress: Summer 2008

Michael Parkin's
Michael was our client at ATT for seven years and has now created his own HR Consulting Company. We are pleased and honored that he chose us to code and host his web site

Our People website home page screen shot

Victor Bono, Sculpture, Mold Maker & Bronze Caster
When Victor graduated from the School of Visual Arts in the 70's, the internet was not on his mind - sculpting and casting sculptures was. He still does not use a computer. But he does have a web site:

Victor Bono Sculpture Studio - web site home page screen shot

Eric's Online Designer
This Flex Application allows anyone to design a page, a card, an ad layout or even a sign by simply logging on and typing their text. Link to any online image to add it in, type your text, select size, font, color, etc...
Although it is still a work in progress, you can use it now and simply screen capture your output as a high-res jpeg image..

Eric's Online Designer

BrooklynBurgerBar - staged at

Brooklyn Burger Bar - work in progress

Brooklyn Burger Bar is in New York City. We don't make sales calls to New york or Brooklyn, but when their ad agency needed a web site, they called one of our associates who does cover that area. He called us in to handle the task. As you can see, we have.

Bagel Boy -
staged at


Bagel Boy, a Classic Brooklyn Bagel Shop and Delicatessen, simply needed a new website. Word had gotten around that we were easy to work with, did good work and knew what we were doing, so we go the job... was built to enable folks who wanted to donate cars to support children's charities. It's a new site, but their interactive online donation feature makes it easy for donors to make arrangements quickly.

American Public House Review

The American Public House Review is a literary journal focusing on the community, conversations and stories inspired by American Public Houses. It was begun in October of 2007 and now contains over 90 archived articles about pubs, their atmospheres and their unique histories.

Anything But Costumes Image catalog

Anything But Costumes is a Theatrical Props house in Flemington, NJ.
Until we built this catalog system for them, their procedure was to mail two unsearchable CD's to prospective clients and hope that they would find the props they wanted.

But now, their clients can see any of 16,000 items and find just what they need in seconds. The online catalog is actually faster in every way than even reading images off of a CD on the desktop!

This Image catalog features wildcard search of catagories or images by name, a user-friendly, admin system and superfast optimized SQL queries and rapid-rendering xhtml-compliant css code.

program code by Eric deGroot

No Deadlines does eCommerce!

After years of specializing in developing and managing online survey systems, No Deadlines Networks has expanded to developing and managing E-Commerce sites. is a test bed for OSCommerce Development and testing.

Shopping Cart by No Deadlines

When a Laguna Beach, California Spa decided that their GoDaddy Shopping Cart was too restrictive for the design they wanted and image they wanted to portray, they asked us to build a simple cart system that would let them design their catalog pages any way that they wanted.

So we did.

Electric Forklift Repair NJ

The Electric Forklift Repair Corporation - EFR - deals in used forklift and materials handling equipment. They needed a way to quickly update their catalog of used equipment; their previous web master simply took too long and charged too much to edit html pages and add new equipment that was for sale. NDL created an extremely user-friendly online equipment catalog for them which allows uploading of equipment photos and textual details in seconds and is maintained by their office staff. We are now building an entirely new website around that singluar data-driven image-capable application.

Used Equipment Catalog:

Forklift Catalog Electric Forklift Repair

Johnson-Walton Funeral Home

Johnson-Walton Funeral Home has been serving the community for many years - and many generations. The current management realized that these days, they need a web presences to offer their patrons infomation and other online service. They waited for a year for a franchised web site organization to build their site, and when nothing happened, they gave up and contacted a local web developer who they knew they could trust... Of course, that's us. Watch for updates to this site soon.

Always undergoing updates and changes:
========================== Frenchtown, NJ 08825, serving the quaint Borough of Frenchtown, NJ began as a small community website in 1997 and has become the main source of up-to-date information for the local community, local businesses and for visitors to this little river town on the Delaware. It has received congratulatory messages from local, state and federal government representatives for the service it has provided through three major floods of the Delaware River.

And, through the efforts of the local Frenchtown Business Association has received a NJ Sklylands grant to support offering information of service to visitors to the area. - This topical page generated 7,000 hits in the first week it was up. It served as a primary information source for the community - and residents and their families and co-workers - both at home and as far as away as Europe - during the time of the flood.

Shopping in Frenchtown

When the Frenchtown Business Association wanted to promote their member businesses - AND inform shoppers to the opportunities in Frenchtown, they went through a number of "web site designers"  who simply could not give them what they really needed to support and promote their organization and its events. Finally, they they found a "web site developer", hitched their wagon to a star and joined as ....

Frenchtown Business & Professional Association

8th Aerial Port Squadron Mobility Operations Vietnam

This site began as a personal web page about one Vietnam Veteran's experiences with the USAF 8th Aerialport Squadron's  Mobility Operations Branch in Vietnam in 1970. These guys were airmen living a soldier's life at remote air strips deep in the VC-infested jungle...

The web site quickly grew to represent the experiences of many other MOB Team members who served from 1965 -1975 and has become the defacto web site of USAF Moblity Operations in Vietnam. Initially, the audience was just the small group of men who served with Mobility Teams in Vietnam, but now the site's  visitors include many Aerialport Mobilty Operations Veterans of Iraq as well...

The MOB Veteran's Forum has become a meeting place where many Aerialport Vietnam Veterans have reconnected after more than thirty years!

Excelsior Press Museum Web Site

This site began as an online presence for a small letterpress printing museum. But the shop was named for a particular press, - the classic Kelsey Excelsior press, which was built by a company that closed its doors in 1970 - after a hundred years. Since then, the world has decided that is the world's repository of information on this classic little printing press, and since there is always at least one for sale on eBay at any given time, this little web site's traffic has gone through the roof.

Heritage Realty, Las Vegas, Nevada

Heritage Realty is one of Las Vegas, Nevada's oldest family-owned and operated real estate agencies. When the third-generation management realized they needed a web site, we were referred to by another client. With regular monthly content and real estate news updates, photos of currently available properties, links to 360 degree virtual tours for all listings and interactive mortgage calculators, this site has given the company a presence they never had before and multiple services to their clients and prospective clients.

(home page news is updated monthly to maintain high google rank)

Pretty much stable for now...

Flash sites:

Grab Carting - flash site

The client wanted something neat and new and state of the art. The Flash features make this site far more interesting than the old one they had.

Gregs Expree - Flash Menu

Same as with Greg's Express above, Flash navigation tools and Mr. Rubbish sliding in from the side make this site fun to visit.

Flash customization by Eric

Although this page represents only a portion of the work we have done during the past ten years, it should give you a rough idea of our capabilities.

For seven of those ten years, we had been comitted to one major client - AT&T World Net Customer Care and building and hosting websites was very much a part-time endeavor. Due to the great success of the JAT SMART system (developed entirely by NDL staff), the contract was renewed annually by ATT until the company was sold to SBC...

As Developers and Administrators of the ATT Survey System in partnership with, we were responsible for developing all of the programs used in the ATT SMART system, maintained the Sun Solaris servers that hosted the system and managed all technical aspects of daily operations. Over seven years, the system migrated to new servers three times - and each time, the move was accomplished with ZERO down time... In fact, the servers' uptime ran 100% for most of those seven years and update often exceeded 350 days without any interruption whatsoever.

Below are more links to sites we and/or some of our team members have done, or are working on. We will add screen shots and details to them as time permits.

Stable, but evolving
skillsets essay

Old Sites in need of makeover:
        (hosted elsewhere on a cheap and slow server)
        (updated based on existing site - not our original design)

Eric's own sites
his resume - - built using joomla! - a simple, but highly sophisticated page, featuring extremely clean css/xhtml-compliant coding and cgi-based image display system. (view the source code of this one to see what I mean.)
Simple, but elegant, and precisely what the subject requires. - an older site, mostly showcasing Veronique's industrial engineering projects in college.

Sites done by Annick (also part of our team)
========================== - portfolio of many sites - local NJ community website ancestral family site in France

Sites done by Jim Rue - (also a part of our team)
========================== - portfolio list of sites done by Jim, aka Laguna Webs

========================== developed and managed the Worldnet Customer Care Care Customer Satisfaction Survey System from 1998 until ATT was sold to SBC in 2005. NDL is a part of and did all of the programming for this system, as well as the new SMART and ASK3 systems

Includes links to reports, sample survey, etc...

ASK3 Admin system: (login 'demo' password 'demo')

And, for more background on what we'd been doing for the past 8 years...

Our main hosting servers: