Website Comments Utility Application
The Website Comments Utility Application is a multi-featured program used to allow web site visitors to leave comments, carry on conversations, upload images, etc. It's incorporates the features of a blog, a 'super guestbook' or a mini-forum.

Basically, it makes your site interactive in a way no other program can.

see sample installation - The Forum at

This is a forum for a group of veterans who served together Vietnam.

Visitors can leave comments; the moderator can reply to them publicly or privately.

Whenever a submission is made, a copy is sent to the forum administrator, so monitoring it is very reliable and very much real-time.

If, for example, someone enters a link to a website, it does not go on the site right away. It must first be approved. This prevents spammers from hacking in to submit links to porn sites, viagra sites and the like. Otherwise, the adminisrator/monitor can simply read the posts as they are submitted to make sure that they are on subject and meet whatever criteria the client chooses to use for 'appropriate' postings.

Do you want to spend $50/month, $100/month, $200 or more each month? We have different plans available, according to your needs.

The real work is in the monitoring. Setting it up to run is pretty straightforward. We've got about a dozen installations of this program running in various configurations.

The system can be configured it to look just like a page on your web site, or your webmaster can insert code we supply directly into an exisiting web page which would allow you to edit the rest of the page at any time without interfering with the seamless integration of our system into your web site.

In fact, it could easily be incorporated right into your current web page.

File upload and online catalog options are available for people to send in photos, music files, etc.

If you are serious about this and would like a custom, monitored system - and can pay something reasonable for it, we'd be happy to do it.  This is not a free program, but it is professional grade and guaranteed to please.

If you would like to see how it would look as a web page from your site, simply send us the url of a current page on your site and we would be happy to set up a demo installation for you.

And, while you're at it, I'd suggest you remove any public links to email addresses on your web site and replace it with a link to our spam-free contact form. Public email addresses are commonly 'harvested' by spammers. NoDeadlines' Contact Form prevents that from happening and minimizes your exposure to those spammers who use autmated programs to harvest public email addresses from your web sites.

Subscription plans for our utilities are available via PayPal or check by the month or year. (Full year subscription includes two free months each year.)